These are my currently completed and edited manuscripts (there are plenty of others in the works 😉).



YA fantasy

Princesse Avelaine Bourget is ninth in line to the throne of Galeraine, but she won’t settle for anything less than a crown. As empress, she’ll finally have the power to overthrow her cruel family, purge the royal court of corruption, and reveal herself as a woman of ambition and vision. Poisoning the abusive mother who kept her constrained is only the first move in a complicated and deadly game.

With her mother dead, Avelaine sets out to manipulate and murder her way through her remaining relatives. Galeraine has suffered under brutal Bourget rulership for centuries, and while the aristocrats have grown rich off the factories that produce magic-laced metal, the peasants suffer under cruel working conditions. The time is ripe for revolution—and who better to usher in a new era than the last remnant of the old?

But planning a coup and carrying it out are two different things. Finally free from the toxic influence of her mother, Avelaine struggles with her conscience and the profound aftereffects of trauma. Meanwhile, the handsome investigator trying to unravel her secret plot sparks a desire for more than just power. Seizing a throne requires a cold and hardened heart, but Avelaine discovers vulnerabilities she thought had been beaten out of her long ago.

Worst of all, someone else is plotting revolution, too. A mysterious enemy known only as the Wolf is outmaneuvering Avelaine and stirring his own followers to violence. If she can’t defeat him or recruit him to her side, she might end up a casualty of the war she started.


Adult fantasy

Kenna Suren is best known in her village for being a little wild—some say “half-feral”—but she never expected her own mother to sell her as a sacrifice to the Fae. There’s no time to grieve the loss of her old life—she’ll need every ounce of ferocity to survive as a human servant in the cruel Fae court.

Once trapped in the faeries’ underground kingdom, Kenna must help her new mistress undertake six deadly trials, one for each branch of magic: Fire, Earth, Light, Void, Illusion, and Blood. If she succeeds, her mistress will gain immortality. If she doesn’t, the punishment is death—for both mistress and servant.

With no ally but a sentient, bloodthirsty dagger of mysterious origins, Kenna must face monsters, magic, and grueling physical tests. There are worse dangers waiting underground, though, and soon Kenna finds herself caught up in a secret rebellion against the inventively sadistic faerie king. When her feelings for the rebellion's leader turn passionate, Kenna must decide if she’s willing to risk her life for a better world and a chance at happiness.

Surviving the trials and overthrowing a tyrant king will take cunning, courage, and an iron will, but even that may not be enough. Sometimes the sweetest illusions are the deadliest.


YA Fantasy

17-year-old Livvy’s fire magic can give or take life. It would be a valuable weapon—if only she could control the panic attacks that happen every time she uses it.

When she’s caught using her unlicensed and anxiety-inducing magic, Livvy leaves her clan of nomadic horse riders and travels to Trillia, the crime-ridden capital city, to register as a mage. There, she’s attacked by the soldiers of Trillia’s ruling magical family, the Lux, who see her strong magic as a threat to their power.

Livvy flees into the underground and joins a local gang for protection. Her new life is violent, and no nature-loving nomad—especially one prone to panic—can thrive in this crowded city of living metal. No one else seems to thrive, either: the metal animals are rusting, and the people are dying from a magical plague. A budding romance with Rissa, the tough girl who leads the gang, makes life more enjoyable, but Livvy plans to return to her clan once she’s out of danger.

As she patrols the streets, Livvy discovers she can reanimate the metal animals with her magical spark. And as she finally confronts her anxiety disorder, she realizes her magic might be strong enough to fight the plague, too. Staying in the city will save lives, but using magic will draw the attention of the Lux. Livvy must decide: return to her clan and let the city die, or stay and risk death herself.


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