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The Silverkin

Introducing my newest YA fantasy novel: The Silverkin! This book happened because I desperately wanted to write about an angry, ambitious heroine. Someone who wanted power for power's sake and wasn't about to apologize for it. Someone who had suffered horrific trauma and come out stronger for it. I also wanted to evoke famous historical women like Margaret of Anjou and Lucrezia Borgia, and I imagined an alternate War of the Roses where two women stared at each other across the battlefield. Thus, Avelaine Bourget was born. She's ninth in line to the throne of Galeraine, but not for long. Through murder and manipulation, Avelaine quickly begins to rise. Her last name and her poison rings are my homage to Lucrezia Borgia, and her angry ambition channels a lot of the rage so many women I know have been feeling in recent years. Galeraine is a fantasy country based on 17th century Versailles. I wanted the lavish opulence of that setting to contrast with the brutal powe