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#RevPit 2018 Winner: THE DYING CITY

Exciting update: I'm one of the winners of the # RevPit writing contest! A professional editor chose my manuscript as her favorite out of 100 entries and is spending 5 weeks editing it with me. I'm thrilled about the opportunity to improve THE DYING CITY, my YA fantasy novel, and I hope you'll be able to read it someday soon! Summary: Fire-wielding Livvy must join an underground gang to save their city of living metal from a magical contagion in this YA LGBT+ fantasy. Here's the aesthetic for Livvy, my main character:  My editor, Carly Hayward, is incredible. I strongly recommend working with her. Here's her website: Her reason for choosing THE DYING CITY: "I chose this one because the story was enthralling, the characters were strong, I loved the ending, and I needed to live in a world with living metal creatures! I just loved it so much!!!" The revised MS will be featured in a showcase on June 7