The Fashionista's Guide to Tank Season

Here's my latest for Slackjaw! "The Fashionista's Guide to Tank Season" is an excellent resource for any woman looking for a hot new accessory to protect her from mass shootings, foreign aggressors, male aggressors, and the government.

"One reason to choose the Panzer IV to complete your pinup look, rather than the flashier Tiger I or Sherman Firefly, is its reliability and easy maintenance. If it was good enough for 30% of the Wehrmacht’s total tank strength, it’s good enough for brunch!"
I love this article because I got to spend SO MUCH TIME researching tanks. My family has always been interested in military history, and my father's (only somewhat insulting) nickname for me as a child was Tiger, after the tank. Because I was clumsy. The Tiger I is a pretty great tank, though, so I can't be too offended.

I also got to Photoshop cute accessories onto tanks, which provided me with a lot of entertainment and a wonderful response when my roommate asked what I was doing with my afternoon.

Anyway, please read, comment, and share!


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