The Silverkin

Introducing my newest YA fantasy novel: The Silverkin!

This book happened because I desperately wanted to write about an angry, ambitious heroine. Someone who wanted power for power's sake and wasn't about to apologize for it. Someone who had suffered horrific trauma and come out stronger for it. I also wanted to evoke famous historical women like Margaret of Anjou and Lucrezia Borgia, and I imagined an alternate War of the Roses where two women stared at each other across the battlefield.

Thus, Avelaine Bourget was born. She's ninth in line to the throne of Galeraine, but not for long. Through murder and manipulation, Avelaine quickly begins to rise. Her last name and her poison rings are my homage to Lucrezia Borgia, and her angry ambition channels a lot of the rage so many women I know have been feeling in recent years.

Galeraine is a fantasy country based on 17th century Versailles. I wanted the lavish opulence of that setting to contrast with the brutal power games b…

My #RevPit Experience

On April 30th, I found out that amazing editor Carly Bornstein-Hayward had chosen my manuscript for the #RevPit contest. Almost two months later, I have a shiny new manuscript, a tight-knit group of writer friends, and a tremendous amount of gratitude. #RevPit was one of the most valuable experiences in my writing career. Here's what the journey was like.

What is #RevPit?

#RevPit is a relatively new annual writing contest. 11 editors receive 100 submissions each over the course of a few days. The submission packet includes the query letter and first 5 pages. The editors then request full or partial manuscripts and synopses from their favorites. After a week of deliberation, they pick one manuscript they want to work with for the 5 weeks of the contest, culminating in a showcase of the revised query and first 5 pages.

How did I get involved?

I found out about #RevPit on Twitter. (Side note for aspiring authors—get involved in writing Twitter! I was skeptical at first, but I've …

#RevPit Query: Before and After

Part of the #RevPit contest involved workshopping my query. Here's the original query I submitted to #RevPit for THE DYING CITY:

Dear #RevPit Editors,

18-year-old Livvy would do anything to keep her clan of itinerant horse riders safe. When she’s caught using unlicensed fire magic, Livvy travels to the capital city of Trillia to register as a mage, hoping to protect her family from the repercussions of harboring an illegal magic user. But before she can register, Livvy is attacked by the soldiers of Trillia’s ruling magical family, the Lux, who see her strong magic as a threat to their power.

Livvy escapes to Trillia’s underground and joins a local gang for protection. While she likes her new street-smart friends and is increasingly attracted to Rissa, the tough girl who leads them, Livvy plans to return home once the Lux stop looking for her. She misses her clan, and no nature-loving nomad can thrive in this crowded city where the plants and animals are made from livin…

#RevPit 2018 Winner: THE DYING CITY

Exciting update: I'm one of the winners of the #RevPit writing contest! A professional editor chose my manuscript as her favorite out of 100 entries and is spending 5 weeks editing it with me. I'm thrilled about the opportunity to improve THE DYING CITY, my YA fantasy novel, and I hope you'll be able to read it someday soon!

Summary: Fire-wielding Livvy must join an underground gang to save their city of living metal from a magical contagion in this YA LGBT+ fantasy.

Here's the aesthetic for Livvy, my main character:

 My editor, Carly Hayward, is incredible. I strongly recommend working with her. Here's her website:

Her reason for choosing THE DYING CITY: "I chose this one because the story was enthralling, the characters were strong, I loved the ending, and I needed to live in a world with living metal creatures! I just loved it so much!!!"

The revised MS will be featured in a showcase on June 7th. I can…

Announcing The Wicked Wallflowers Club, a romantic podcast!

I'm happy to announce the launch of a podcast I'm co-hosting with author Jenny Nordbak. We're two friends, writers, and aspiring romance novelists who met while studying archaeology at the University of Southern California. We read, write, and love everything about the romance genre, and we wanted to share our enthusiasm for romance with the world (and hopefully dispel some of the shame associated with it). The podcast will include interviews with authors, book reviews, dramatic readings, and frank discussions about sex positivity and the stigma faced by romance readers and authors.

Check out our website here!

Download the episode and subscribe to the show on iTunes.

A list of God’s rejected plagues to punish the Egyptians

Here's my latest for Slackjaw!

This fun list proposes some alternate plagues God may have considered before settling on the classic "locusts and rivers of blood."

Check it out!

The Fashionista's Guide to Tank Season

Here's my latest for Slackjaw! "The Fashionista's Guide to Tank Season" is an excellent resource for any woman looking for a hot new accessory to protect her from mass shootings, foreign aggressors, male aggressors, and the government.

"One reason to choose the Panzer IV to complete your pinup look, rather than the flashier Tiger I or Sherman Firefly, is its reliability and easy maintenance. If it was good enough for 30% of the Wehrmacht’s total tank strength, it’s good enough for brunch!" I love this article because I got to spend SO MUCH TIME researching tanks. My family has always been interested in military history, and my father's (only somewhat insulting) nickname for me as a child was Tiger, after the tank. Because I was clumsy. The Tiger I is a pretty great tank, though, so I can't be too offended.

I also got to Photoshop cute accessories onto tanks, which provided me with a lot of entertainment and a wonderful response when my roommat…